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And now, just in time for the holiday giving season...

--- Michael Neault

From: Rebekah Lee

To: Rachel Lee

Date: Dec 14, 200512:42



just to let you know, I'm totally going to hell. See, lemme tell you:

i need hot chocolate. but its too cold for me to actually walk out and get some. soi was just in the study lounge when i saw a box that people could donate food for needy people. soi decided that i was needy as well, and...soi took it. andimgonna drink it. andimgonna LOVE it.

hahhahahha, man im horrible.



[Editor's note: And then, approximately 1 hour later... ]

From: Rebekah Lee

To: Rachel Lee

Date: Dec 14, 20051:47

Subject: cont.

yeah, i think god, buddha, allah, or whoever is in charge of things is punishing me for my stolen hot chocolate for poor people. i have a tummy ache.


hell yeah i deserve pity!!