Here are two unrelated gems. The first one is ancient, from 1997, and the second one is timeless.

The note from Jim Coleman recalls the pioneer days of web communication and smacks of a child playing with a new toy. Even though it's only eight years old, it's from the equivalent of the Paleolithic era in Web years.

As for email number two, the only thing you need to know is that when Michael is referring to Jason's "baldy head," he is actually talking about Jason's recently shaved head.

Send a note to inbox@rochestercitynews.comand let us know about your hobbies.

--- Michael Neault

From: Jim Coleman

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997

To: Cheston Gasik

Subject: Re: Hey Jim

Ahh... how late is late? This mail's going out at about 11. If you're online, mail me back, and I'll see how long it takes. I tried to have a conversation with someone over email one night, and it took something like ten minutes between responses. I've always been meaning to get some program or something to let you "chat" (what a silly word!) over the internet, AOL style. If you know of anything, let me know. Does your thingy tell you when you get mail, or do you have to check it? I have to check mine, and it's a pain, 'cause I always forget, and then when I finally check it the mail is like a week old. Anyway, see you later.

From: Michael

To: Jason Olshefsky

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005

Subject:Message to webmaster

Der Jayce,

my English is'nt very well - but I want to write you this message.

Now I found your hompeage. The photo of you with the shaved head is wonderful. Your baldy head look like very good - you have a sympathically face. You are a beautiful man.

Have you long or short hair before you have shaved your head? The decide for the shave was certainly not easy - but very good!

My greatest hobby is the collecting of signed autograph-cards an photos of stars an beautiful people.

I would be therefore very happy if you could send me signed photos of you (with baldy head and perhaps with hair). I would be therefore very happy if you could fulfill my wishes. I know my wish is a little bit unusual - but it is my hobby. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

The best wishes from Northern Germany send you till soon.