Remarkable correspondence from the consistently unremarkable world of email

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--- Michael Neault

From: Jenny P.

To: Marcus G.

Date: 12/13/2002

Subject: Re: 28

hi dear, i want to email you right now because i have too express my feelings. First, i must appologize. I am so very sorry for the confused energies that i have been emitting over the past few days and esp. last night... I have no intentions of ever ever hurting you or being unclear with you but now i am afraid that things went so far that it might be unavoidable... Something in me deeeply wants to be close to you but after last night i know that it is not romantic or sexual in nature right now and my body has never reacted in such a way unless it is a warning that my boundaries are being compromised. My kidneys have not hurt like this in a very long time and i cannot ignore that. I also cannot ignore what happened with my alarm - it was just too wierd and i took it as a message about my lacking containment. Only an entity could have caused that and they always come in when there is a sexual leak... I was leaking energy so much last night and not being totally up front with you about the way my heart was feeling. No, i am not just numb and getting used to a partner. My energy is telling me that we are meant to just be friends. I have no idea if that is a forever but it feels that way. I hate so much to have to say this now instead of sticking to the way i felt last night but it is hard when such a good, sweet, sexy, gentle friend is kissing my neck and holding me. 2 years ago i would've been able to go there with you, but i have a different contract with my sexual energy now and i must mustmust be with someone that i am in love with and energetically/magickally compatible with or it would compromise more than just my kidneys. I took a sauna and am doing some energy clearing and doing my best to help my sore kidneys but i will need a little space to recover. NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT AND YOU HAVE NOT HURT ME IN ANY WAY! ...You are so gorgeous and i am always your true friend.