The following message was sent to Gloria, who lives in the San Diego area, after someone saw her photographs posted on I think this letter indisputably clears up the question: Is there such a thing as love at first sight? And can it exist via the Internet? Please dispense your indefatigable yearnings to

--- Michael Neault

From: Hongwu

To: Gloria

Hi, dear lady,

happy to meet you.

Your photos are very nice.

I am Hongwu in Beijing, China.

I am seeking a girlfriend, whose height is between 165cm--173cm.

I wish she is educated & tender.

I am sincere.

Please read my profile, so you can understand something about me.

My height is 175 cm.

Now I am manager of software department in a corporation in Beijing.

I am senior software analyst.

I am also ambitious scholar, more than software engineer.

I will try to earn enough money for our family, if you marry me.

If you are interested, I will send you some pictures about China & myself at once. so you can understand something about China at first.

Please give me your email address.

Please believe me, my letter is not a joke.

If we love each other, I like to live with you in your side.

I am sincere for a marriage.

On , I have instant messager.

I wish I can talk with you by instant messager.


Hongwu in Beijing, China