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Inbox 11.02.05

Remarkable correspondence from the consistently unremarkable world of email


The following message was sent to Gloria, who lives in the San Diego area, after someone saw her photographs posted on I think this letter indisputably clears up the question: Is there such a thing as love at first sight? And can it exist via the Internet? Please dispense your indefatigable yearnings to

--- Michael Neault

From: Hongwu

To: Gloria

Hi, dear lady,

happy to meet you.

Your photos are very nice.

I am Hongwu in Beijing, China.

I am seeking a girlfriend, whose height is between 165cm--173cm.

I wish she is educated & tender.

I am sincere.

Please read my profile, so you can understand something about me.

My height is 175 cm.

Now I am manager of software department in a corporation in Beijing.

I am senior software analyst.

I am also ambitious scholar, more than software engineer.

I will try to earn enough money for our family, if you marry me.

If you are interested, I will send you some pictures about China & myself at once. so you can understand something about China at first.

Please give me your email address.

Please believe me, my letter is not a joke.

If we love each other, I like to live with you in your side.

I am sincere for a marriage.

On , I have instant messager.

I wish I can talk with you by instant messager.


Hongwu in Beijing, China

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