Matt is an artist living in San Francisco. Selling art has been a considerable task for him, especially when clients treat him as one did in the following note.

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--- Michael Neault
From: Alan B.
To: Matt R.
Subject: hi matt
Date: August 14, 2003

hello matt- sorry for the silence, but I have been away... "farrrrrr away"... actually residing at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital (loony-bin), where I have been having electric shock therapy for the last month or two... the side-effects have been incredibly awful.

I'll have to see your work again sometime because I can't remember anything about it, or you. Nothing personal in that, only two thirds of my memory have gone completely. It's returning, but very slowly. I'll go down to papa toby's art bar and have a look before the end of the month... and then let's talk... or meet.

I have done nothing myself... no picturing or writing in ages... the muse has left me - just for a while though, I hope...

anyway, best wishes for now,