In Real Life I Have a Nose

When: Thu., Feb. 9, 7:30 p.m.

Among all the influencers, their perfect beach vacations and muscular bodies, a whole new art genre has emerged on social media: the webcomic. Short, heartfelt comics that focus on the illustrator’s personal life and tackle serious topics with humor. The comics are often taboo-breaking and deal with subjects that are rarely discussed on social media: depression, racism, sexism and gender. The huge following of these cartoonists shows that many people feel addressed by the drawings.

Director Stephane Kaas portrays some of these cartoonists in the Netherlands, the U.S., England, Belgium and Ukraine. Wrestling with his own personal problems, he tries to sort out his thoughts in a disarmingly honest way, using his own comic diary. Can social media also provide comfort and connection?

Price: $10 general admission