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I Scene It: Hot Rod Betties fundraiser at The Firehouse Saloon


The bitchin’ babe in the two-tone beaucoup bouffant needed some green to bring her shop back in the black -- in other words, Hot Rod Betty's threw a fundraising wing-ding with the Sirens & Stilettos Cabaret, Buffalo’s Blue Ribbon Bastards, and Dark Nemesis joining forces at The Firehouse Saloon last Friday.

The promise of boobs, rock 'n' roll, and raffles had the place packed to the walls. The gals kicked things off by taking things off as they’ve been known to do. The Blue Ribbon Bastards -- with a Frantic Frank doppelganger dopple-twanging in the stage right reverb -- cut a greasy swath across the stage with textbook slap and twang.

Dark Nemesis followed as if fired out of a canon. They were loud, Jack. Singer Eddie Nebula’s voice was epic as he scraped the sky a la Sebastian Bach. The band was borderline Motorhead in volume and speed. I left when it was done with my feet ringing, but ready to do it all over again.