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I SCENE IT 09-27-06

his week Frank checks out The Thieves and The Apostles of the Hidden Son at Bug Jar.


Ten Years After 40 years later

Jonny Lives!bailed on the Wednesday rock 'n' roll spectacular with British rockers The Thieves at the Bug Jar. So The Apostles Of The Hidden Son hit the stage rail skinny, with 2/3 of the group under feral canopies of hair that looked more like explosions than 'dos. They kicked into a dazed and confused rendition of "Dazed and Confused" and I was fully prepared to hate them. But it got better. And then it got more better.

Surfing the shadows between heavy blues, psychedelic rock, and the type of r&b that only young punks trying to play r&b can summon (like, say, the Stooges), the band was simply amazing. The guitar was a non-stop exploratory solo like Ten Years After 40 years later. The singer climbed to the top of his range and jumped, and there was even a drum solo (not heard in this little joint since ex-Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard played here with The Brain Surgeons a while back). In fact, when The Apostles Of The Hidden Son were finished with their segue-less set, B.O.C. could be heard over the PA, as if the band had crawled off the stage and into the CD player.

Watch for this band, for they will burn hot and fast and explode before you know it.

This was headliner The Thieves' third visit here, and the band's buzz has gotten a little louder, as evidenced by the decent attendance. This band is exceptionally tight and fun. Though there is no stage gimmickry or outfits, the show itself is riveting. Even the playing is spectacular without being flashy --- just a good ol' crunchy, hair-flyin,' ass-shakin' good time.