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HOUSE | Codes


Codes wants to know if you can get down. Can you get down, Rochester? He's been hanging out in Brooklyn, and clearly the atmosphere is electric. He's got a steady mix of house, and knows when to give you the bass. By most my estimates, it's pretty bouncy all over so it should be good times. Almost makes me wish I had hydraulics in my car, but I suppose GTA will suffice. As always, upstairs and downstairs will be fully stocked in the finest blend of electronic goodness Dubland has to offer, with a whole lot of DJs, including Papi Chulo and Sita!Tronn. (whose name seems to be getting more and more unreasonably complicated).

Codes performs Thursday, May 2, 9 p.m. at Dubland Underground, 315 Alexander St. $7-$10. 21+. 232-7550.