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Chefs at play

We see these chefs at work in our favorite restaurants --- their kitchens full of steaming pots emanating wonderful smells. Ever wonder what their real kitchens, their home kitchens look like? Disorganized? Nothing but a hot plate and a George Foreman Grill? Here's a look into the home kitchens of the chef-owners of three local restaurants. Warning: If you're prone to kitchen envy, you might want to skip this section.

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In This Guide...

  • Family Matters

    Gayle and Nick Mourgides' kitchen is both big and cozy, the kind of place that makes you think of family. Done in yellow and white with a long farm table at one end, the room has lots of counter space for little helpers to work.

  • A Kitchen Built for Two

    Moe Smith will be the first to say it's not his kitchen --- his domain is outside where, year round, he established his reputation as king of the grill, grilling everything from hot dogs to fish and corn to peppers. "He used to barbeque every day," his wife Bernice says.

  • Professional Paradise

    Gerry Vorrasi's kitchen, although still under construction, is a thing to behold. Located in the back of his 1860s home off East Avenue, it's a series of connected rooms that are both beautiful and highly functional.

  • Rochester: Art for Living

    If you were in the grips of cabin fever this past winter, you might have wished your crib was more of a castle. There are several local alternatives to moving to Europe and actually buying one.