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HOLIDAY | Trulla Navideña


Celebrating the New Year and Three Kings Day (January 6), the Rochester Puerto Rican Festival will host its annual Trulla Navideña party on Saturday, January 7. Trulla Navideña is a festive Christmas season tradition with its roots in Puerto Rico (among other Latin American countries), where a small group of revelers gather with instruments to play and sing folk Christmas songs at the doorstep of a friend. The musicians are normally invited in for refreshments, and after a while the party will move on to the next home, and on through the night. The group Carrion y los Parranderos will lead the music during the PR Festival's party.

The Puerto Rican Festival will host its Trulla Navideña event on Saturday, January 7, at Ray Ray's Bar and Grill, 2260 Clifford Avenue. 7 p.m. Free. Ages 21 and older only. 234-7660;