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Holiday Guide 2012

Get in the spirit


The holidays have a quiet way of sneaking up on us. One moment it's October, and seemingly the next it's Christmas Eve, and you're wondering how you'll manage to get your cat to sit quiet for the car ride to your parent's house. (It's not going to be easy).

As much as it isn't entirely in the true spirit of the season (whatever that is for each of you), the one thing I'm really looking forward to this year is my annual Black Friday shopping trip. It's one of the few days of the year that all my friends are back home from college, and it has turned into an adventure of buying pretty new things (Wii U and a TV, I'm looking at you) and getting caught in the cold and the rain and the snow for hours together. This year we are bringing chairs, though. We're all getting a little old for those lines.

If you're looking for some actual depth to your holidays, this year's Holiday Guide should have a feature or two for you. If the first thing that comes to mind about the holidays is music, Adam Lubitow has a round-up of lesser-known (and possibly disturbing) holiday albums. If food is your reason for the season, we have a hunger-inducing look at how different cultures ring in the holidays through traditional ethnic dishes. If you're like me, and are all about the glitz and the glamor, you'll find a look at some stunning local light displays. And be sure to get out there and enjoy some merriment by consulting our calendar more holiday events than you could shake a candy cane at.

Merry Christmahanakwanzika everyone. Rock it, holiday style.

In This Guide...

  • Light it up

    A look at some of Rochester's most impressive holiday light displays
    The Greater Rochester area was once home to a number of professionally created light displays, such as the ones put on at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua and Northampton Park in Brockport. But not everyone is eager to invest hundreds of dollars into teeny lights, or to spend weekends and free evenings setting up displays, or to program costly computer systems to synchronize music.

  • From sleigh ride to slay ride

    The weirder, crazier, and goofier side of holiday music
    There's no surer sign that the holiday season is upon us than the inescapable barrage of popular Christmas music saturating the airwaves. The worst part isn't that most of the songs sound the same (artists often seem afraid to mess with what's already proven successful), but that the end product inevitably feels...safe.

  • Eating is the reason for the season

    Rochesterians share their favorite cultural holiday meals
    One of Olena Dilai’s favorite memories of growing up in Ukraine was caroling during the Christmas season. Dilai, an assistant professor of mathematics at Monroe Community College, and her family now sing the same carols at their home in Webster after Christmas Eve supper.

  • 2012 Holiday Events Calendar

    Continuing/Ongoing [Exhibit] Annual Holiday Poinsettia Show at Lamberton Conservatory. 180 Reservoir Ave. More than 1,000 poinsettias in more than 15 different varieties.