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Holiday Guide 2005

It's easy to get rundown desperately seeking that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling

It's easy to get rundown desperately seeking that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. There's a lot of celebrating between now and the New Year; a lot of family and friends to see; a lot of meals to share and glasses to lift; a lot of things to buy.

Take a break. In this year's Holiday Guide we're focusing on the pauses in the holiday rush, like the fun and cheap things you can do with your family during the season, and concerts and movies you can enjoy while your backside is planted in a chair. Go on, you've earned it.

If you're really set on getting out and doing stuff, be sure to check the holiday event listings. But this year, whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate, be sure to celebrate the one, most important thing: getting out alive.

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In This Guide...

  • To dance like Clara

    By the time audiences see the annual Thanksgiving-time performances of The Nutcracker, with dancers provided by the Rochester City Ballet and music performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the work is polished. The poise of the dancers, the memorable swells and leaps in Tchaikovsky's score, the dancing sweets and swirling snowflakes --- it all makes one seamless, magical whole.

  • Holiday calendar

    Theater A Christmas Carol Nov 26-Dec 26.

  • Making Scrooge memories

    You know it's December when the fight or flight instinct kicks in. If picking a fight with your sister-in-law has lost its appeal and escaping to Puerto Vallarta isn't in your budget, channel your energy in a new direction.

  • Holiday classical calendar

    Classical Amadeus Chorale Fri, Dec 3.

  • The true spirit of Hollywood

    While there are inevitably a couple of movies every year set against Christmas --- but hardly a cavalcade of films about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, incidentally --- it's probably misleading to call this a holiday movie preview. If Jesus were blowing out candles in June, these flicks would still be squeezing in under the Academy deadline.

  • We must have been good this year

    One night I woke to the sound of sled runners and hooves on my roof. I couldn't see much out my bedroom window so I staggered downstairs.