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HIP-HOP | Shwayze


If your moniker is a play off of actor Patrick Swayze's name, you better be bringing some good music. Shwayze (Aaron Smith) has the catalogue that backs up the name. The rapper, along with Cisco Adler, had a few hits on their debut album in 2008 with "Buzzin" and the uber-catchy "Corona and Lime." The deep cuts shouldn't be written off, but some definitely stand above the rest. Shwayze isn't a fast rapper, instead going for the poppier, catchier route, and this is obvious with the hooks that get stuck in your head.

Shwayze plays with Cam Meekins at on Wednesday, October 29, at Spacebar, 61 South Main Street, Canandaigua. 7 p.m. $20-$22.;