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HIP-HOP | Rochester Hip-Hop Winter Showcase

Unlike a battle of the bands, a showcase doesn't rank performers but instead attempts to develop a sense of community among participating artists. A showcase also creates an opportunity for a performer to break into the local scene and grow a fan base. The Entertainment Collective's Rochester Hip-Hop Winter Showcase features eight acts: Nickel Bag Boyz, Dreamer Boy, BVELZ, Bebo Capone, Krisus, Alien Euphoria, Rasha, and Kwa'shine Giles — acts ranging from first-timers to semi-seasoned veterans of a few other shows. Check out Rochester's up and comers and support local hip-hop.

The Rochester Hip-Hop Winter Showcase is Friday, December 12, at California Brew Haus, 402 West Ridge Road. 7 p.m. $10-$12.