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I'm at that age where I'm measuring how old I feel by the mention of how long ago iconic pieces of art came out. Nas' highly influential and timeless debut album, "Illmatic," turns 20 this year. Yeah, I'm weeping too. To celebrate, Nas is kicking off his "Time is Illmatic" anniversary tour in Rochester on Thursday, October 2. Word is that Nas will perform the 10-track, 1994 album in full at the show, "Nas: Time is Illmatic." Bummer: Rochester is one of only two places not getting a screening of the Tribeca documentary of the same name.

Nas will perform at The Main Street Armory, 900 Main Street, at 8 p.m. $40-$45. The show is restricted for ages 21 and over for dudes and ages 18 and up for ladies (which kind of skeezes me out).;