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HIP-HOP | Michael Christmas


The title of Boston-based rapper Michael Christmas' first mixtape, "Is This Art?," lends the impression that Christmas will be taking the listener on a journey of existential crises and spiritual dilemmas. It's true, but not in the way you expect. On his early hit "Daily," Christmas half mumbles, half raps, "So now I gotta take a quick shower, and I can't wash my hair / I hope I got a square / I step into the breeze like, this some f***ing air" with the stoned lethargy of a man coming down from an all-night "Arrested Development" bender. In Christmas's world, these daily dilemmas are the artistic quandaries of his time, and he continues his commitment to rapping about them on his most recent mixtape, the excellent "What a Weird Day."

Michael Christmas will perform Friday, October 21, at Harmony House, 58 East Main Street, Webster. 6 p.m. $15.;