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HIP-HOP | Lil Wayne


When President Obama references someone in the same line as LeBron James during a speech about talent, it's hard to deny someone's success. And to say Lil Wayne is successful is almost an understatement — "Got 10 bathrooms, I could shit all day" is one of his lines, and he's not exaggerating. You got to admit that signing a deal by 11 years old is impressive. And Wayne's label, Young Money, is responsible for introducing us to Drake and Nicki Minaj. So whether you're a fan or not, Wayne deserves some credit. Now, he's canceled Rochester concerts three times in a row, let's see if he can make it to the fourth go-around and show us why he's successful.

Lil Wayne will perform with Rae Sremmurd on Saturday, February 20, at Blue Cross Arena, 100 Exchange Boulevard. 7:30 p.m. $29.50-$79.50.;