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HIP-HOP | Future, Yo Gotti


Yo Gotti is coming to town for the most recent stop on his Road to Riche$ tour, and bringing newcomer Future for our sampling pleasure. While both make claims of thugging out in the streets, one wonders if it isn't just to give some legitimacy to their lyrics in some cases — for an interesting read check out Future's lengthy discussion on the subject as it pertains to himself. I mention this only as it pertains to his big break out, bringing us yet another ode to everyone's favorite misanthrope, Tony "Scarface" Montana. It has all the cursing and movie quotes you'd expect. Yo Gotti, on the other hand, has been kicking around Memphis and beyond since the late 90's, laying a thick swath of explicit rhymes about getting freaky, hanging out in the inner city, and just generally what a fine strutting gentleman he is because quite frankly you should know.

Future and Yo Gotti perform Saturday, January 5, 9 p.m. at Main Street Armory, 900 E. Main St. $40-$60 (ladies 18+, guys 21+). 232-3221,