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HIP-HOP | Dilla Day ROC


J Dilla's untimely passing in 2006 came as a tremendous shock to hip-hop lovers everywhere. The 32-year-old producer had spent decades honing his craft, and his final album, "Donuts," released just three days before his death, serves as a glowing testament to the man's unparalleled skill and robbed potential. Since its release, "Donuts" has been hailed as a modern classic and has become a touchstone record for hip-hop fans everywhere, inspiring tributes like Rochester's own Dilla Day ROC, which will feature DJs, MCs, and a live jazz quintet re-interpreting some of J Dilla's works. Also promised is some live art and a bevy of doughnuts from Donut King of Rochester, because no J Dilla tribute is complete without the signature pastry.

Dilla Day ROC will take place Saturday, October 1, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $5-$10.;