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HIP-HOP | Break Out Tour 2012


Act Live is back in town this week, wrapping up the northeast-spanning Break Out Tour 2012. All manner of MCs, DJs, rappers and what-have-you will bring the party. A large delegation from Boston includes the headliner Du-KaRan as well as Ediquette and Kinetik Dialekt. There's even "our boy" from Philly, DJ Games. Also look for a large smattering of our local talent, including Rigz, the intriguingly named Fresh Fingaz, and The CREEPS featuring Reece Q. There should be quite the entertaining variety of styles, and it will be good to see if everybody's skill stacks up, or if some homies be trippin'.

The concert takes place Sunday, December 16, 9:30 p.m. at Dubland Underground, 315 Alexander St. $5. Show is 21+. 232-7550.