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HEAVY METAL | Black Death Resurrected


The tale of Black Death, arguably the first heavy metal band with all African-American members, is a wonderfully lascivious one littered with seedy venues and mountains of cocaine. Despite the historic nature of the project, however, frontman and mastermind Siki Spacek toiled in rust belt obscurity alongside his motley crew of speed-metal troubadours from '78 until calling it quits around '84, with only one (fantastic) record to their name. Now, Spacek has revived the project with a group of new musicians under the banner Black Death Resurrected. And given the greater metal scene's current obsession with all things "retro" (see: Power Trip, Red Death, and Iron Reagan), here's hoping the band sees some better luck this time around.

Black Death Resurrected will play with Orodruin, Fatal Curse, and Gates of Paradox on Saturday, January 20, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $10.;