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HARDCORE | Show Me the Body


Inspiring comparisons to everything from Death Grips to Wolf Eyes, New York City's Show Me the Body is an enigmatic musical force of nature. Its most recent record, this year's phenomenal "Body War," pulses with an industrial energy that feels just as appropriate for the gym as it does for a nervous breakdown. Tracks like "Chrome Exposed" and "Aspirin" are gleefully nightmarish, with frontman Julian Cashwan Pratt rapping like the demon-spawn of Ad-Rock and MC Ride over beats that sound like haunted carnival rides. If you're currently looking for something to soundtrack your Halloween party, or something to play while punching holes through drywall, congratulations, you've found it.

Show Me the Body will play with Blake Pattengale and Kind of Kind on Sunday, October 30, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $12-$14.;