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HARDCORE | Bodysnatcher


Fully rejecting the nuance and up-tempo groove of more traditional hardcore, Florida beatdown upstarts Bodysnatcher sound like a 10 car pile-up in slow motion. It takes less than a minute into the band's debut record, "Abandonment," for front man Kyle Medina to break free from the seemingly infinite breakdown behind him and bark "YOU KNOW WHO THE F*** YOU ARE, MOTHERF*****. YOU TURNED YOUR BACK ON ME," which pretty nicely sums up Bodysnatcher's entire lyrical ethos. It's caustic, almost oppressively nihilistic music for a caustic and nihilistic world, and fans of bands like Knocked Loose, Immoralist, and Black Tongue should find a lot to love in its endless bounty of mosh parts.

Bodysnatcher will play with Loser, Great American Ghost, Revenant Subject, and Inertia on Thursday, October 19, at The California Brew Haus, 402 West Ridge Road. 6 p.m. $15.;