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Hanna PK plays fresh brand of blues in Thursday virtual concert at 75 Stutson Street


Hanna PK performing at The Little Theatre Café. - PHOTO BY AARON WINTERS
  • Hanna PK performing at The Little Theatre Café.
Singer, pianist, and guitarist Hanna PK’s presence in the Rochester blues scene has been a refreshing one for several years now, whether she’s performing soulful solo ballads or fronting her band, Hanna and the Blue Hearts, on lively boogie woogie tunes and smoky blues excursions. PK pairs effervescent piano melodies with a riveting voice that can shift from smooth to explosive at a moment’s notice. On Thursday, she’ll play a 90-minute set, live-streamed on Twitch, as part of 75 Stutson Street’s Thursday Night Jazz series.

Over the course of two full-length albums, “Rearview Mirror” and “The Blues Is Here to Stay,” Hanna PK has used both covers and original songs to express a wide range of emotions, from hope and joy to frustration and pain. Whatever the exact feeling she’s emoting, PK does so with transparency and confidence. This free virtual concert will be a prime opportunity to witness these performance traits in action.;

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