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A good time for peace on Earth


We say it every year, but we hope you take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. So much is crammed into a short two months — Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice — and we know holiday overload and burn-out is real. Still, we're sure you can find 20 minutes for yourself in the morning before all of the buzzing gets you down.

To help give you some peace amid the chaos, this year's Holiday Guide is here with a few entertaining and (we hope) helpful articles. We always suggest good tea and coffee — or spiked eggnog, 'tis the season after all — to pair with the information you'll find here.

Sure, a good carol is timeless, but you've heard them all before. Change up the pace with the history of seven holiday-themed songs written by regional artists.

The news is never-ending, and taking it all in can be pretty overwhelming. But there are some manageable ways to locally help out during the holidays, and maybe improve our corner of the world just a little bit. We outline a few specific activist organizations that have volunteer opportunities right now.

Are you someone who goes nuts for holiday lights and massive front yard displays? Or maybe you have one yourself or want to start one. Check out our feature on a group of Rochesterians who won't let a Rochester winter (or a bad fuse) dampen their enthusiasm for a good holiday display; you might find some tips.

The small gifts (stocking stuffers; party presents; an extra) can often be the last items on our lists. To give you a head start this year, we highlight five local artists and online shops that offer interesting buttons, jewelry, and other small gifts.

And finally, you'll find a list of holiday-related events leading up to the New Year (we'll have a separate New Year's Eve calendar in print at the end of the year).

Send us season's greetings and let us know how your holiday celebrations are going in the comment section below or on Facebook (facebook.com/citynewspaper), Twitter, and Instagram (@roccitynews).

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