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Get ready for the storm


Observe alternate side parking for quicker plowing. - FILE PHOTO
  • Observe alternate side parking for quicker plowing.
With the Rochester region under a winter storm warning (8 o’clock tonight through early Wednesday night), government officials are urging residents to be prepared. 

The storm could dump as much as a foot of snow in the areas closest to the lake, and it’s expected to make driving conditions difficult, especially during tomorrow morning’s commute hours. Making matters worse: Some residents in both the city and in the suburbs are still dealing with clean up and power restoration from last week’s wind storm.

On the city’s advice list:
Stay off the road while the storm warning is in effect. Observe alternate side parking regulations so plows can clear the streets as quickly as possible. You can check the city’s plowing progress on PlowTrax at

Keep sidewalks in front of your residence clear, and shovel snow away from fire hydrants, in case there is an emergency. Put refuse and recycling containers at the edge of your driveway or on a shoveled path. Don’t put them on top of snow banks.

And make the usual preparations: have enough food at home and enough gas in your car. And keep your pets inside where it’s warm.

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