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Gary Holt


Gary Holt

Because I Can


Regional nob-twiddler, studio hot shot, recording guru par excellence, and all-around swell egg, Gary Holt has pulled the Padre Pio act on this CD. That's not to say the cat has received the stigmata, but he's managed to be on both sides of the mic to produce "Because I Can," an excellent new album that is refreshingly funky and deceptively complex with Holt's myriad influences honing and shaping one another into a dangerous, 15-song, 1-2 punch. Holt plays all the instruments and does all the singing along with an army of guest musicians adding their own special shine to the trophy. Holt's name-sake studio in Mt. Morris, where this album was done, has produced legions of bands in the region like The Colorblind James Experience, Woody Dodge, Margaret Explosion, and Watkins & the Rapiers to name a precious few. Now he can add "Because I Can" to the stack... proudly... because he can.