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GARAGE ROCK | Harmonica Lewinski


It goes without saying that Harmonica Lewinski is a smirk personified. But its lo-fi, psychedelic, psycho-surf go-go is positively brilliant. It's trashy in the spirit of, say, The Cramps, or The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, or Royal Trux. The reverb-drenched throb and drone is akin to the trippy side of garage rock. If this kind of stuff turns you on, then Harmonica Lewinski is the only band you'll ever need. To quote band member Joe Bushen, it's "maximum rock 'n' roll, maximum fun."

Harmonica Lewinski plays as part of El Destructo's Art and Music Takeover on Friday, September 12, at Skylark Lounge, 40 South Union Street. 10 p.m. $5.;