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FUNK | The Ghost Peppers


In-the-know foodies will tell you that the ghost pepper is, simply put, the hottest frickin' thing you could ever think of putting in your mouth. How hot is a ghost pepper? It's so hot that scientists in India have actually considered weaponizing the hybrid chili. Seriously. So, if you're going to name your band after this particular condiment, you better bring some spice to the table. The Ghost Peppers do just that. This Rochester five-piece folds together elements of classic R&B and soul, gritty blues, and good ol' N'awlins funk, into quite an appetizing audio entrée.

Ghost Peppers performs with The Greener Grass Band Wednesday, July 10, 9:30 p.m. at The Club at Water Street, 204 N. Water St. $5-$10.