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Fresh Cut: ‘Spintech’ by Diluted


Diluted will release its newest EP in August - PHOTO BY DANIEL FINKELSTEIN
  • Diluted will release its newest EP in August




Lead singer Patrick Mulligan and guitarist-vocalist Zach Coffey of Diluted met in 2013 at SUNY Fredonia and began recording songs together on Mulligan’s computer using drum loops and guitar patches. The pair formed the alternative metal act the following year and after various lineup changes, the band has reconfigured with guitarist Matt Helmer, bassist Mike Kimak, and Tyler Creller on drums.

Diluted’s newest EP, “Legitimate Bastard,” is being released in August, and it finds the band revisiting some of its earliest material. The quintet decided to record a few older tunes to stay active while it writes songs for its first full-length album. “Spintech,” the EP’s lead single, is the most senior of the EP’s four tracks. While the song began back in Mulligan and Coffey’s college days, it has been fleshed out to fill Diluted’s current sound.

“Spintech” launches into a driving bass line right from the jump, with active drums alongside a clean guitar tone. Mulligan’s voice appears composed on the off-kilter melody that offers a faint glimpse of things hitting the floor. A heavy guitar riff meshes with the arrangement and leads toward a harsher chorus that has a stomping beat reminiscent of bands like Slipknot. Despite the hard edge, “Spintech” is an earworm that sounds like a metallized version of a 90’s pop song.