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Frank reviews EstroFest and You'll Thank Me Later


EstroFest was a blast, I tell ya. You know, I go to these things hoping with all my might to laugh, to be taken out of the doldrums of my day, and allowed to view the world askew for a few. Well, the gals and one dude (as a guest) in EstroFest did not let me down as I -- and the sold-out crowd at Blackfriars -- snorted, guffawed, chortled, busted up, cracked up, and laughed our heads off for the ensemble's hour-long show. It was skits punctuated by short films without irreverence. Thankfully they didn't avoid working the blue side of the street, and for that, I love them.

That's it for EstroFest's run during this year's Fringe. You can find more about the group at estrofestlaughs.com.

On my way to Bernunzio Uptown Music, two Jesus jumpers gave me a tidbit of news. Apparently Jesus is planning to stage a comeback. Not wanting to start any trouble, I pointed out that perhaps Jesus might want to hire a security detail -- we all know what happened last time he was here.

That's right, call me a heathen. There were tons more heathens at "What If Everyone in Rochester Wrote The Same Song? -- You'll Thank Me Later." What a genius concept. Artists of all stripes tackled the song with equal parts irreverence and clever. Ken Columbo played with the "You"/ "Yul" homonym, Jeff Spevak celebrated busted up romance, Suzie Willpower and Connie Demming both brought down the house with their vocal beauty, and the mighty Dick Storms blew the lid off the joint with a tent revival hoe down -- and there were a few failed attempts at a conga line by yours truly. It was a great event and hell, I'mgonna thank 'em right now ... thank ye!

The Campbell Brothers was smoking the main stage as I walked back to my car. The band was bumpin' and bellowing the bluesy gospel slide and warning me not to let the devil ride. Too late boys, too late.

"You'll Thank Me Later" will be performed again Saturday, September 24, at Bernunzio Uptown Music. 7:30 p.m. $15. Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

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