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Forrest Green's “Channel 21”/ “Silent Star” is his parting gift to Rochester


Rock singer-songwriter Forrest Green first emerged on the Rochester music scene as a teenager in 2010, fronting the hardcore punk band Beastman. More than a decade later, Green has released a pair of new singles that retain his penchant for raw musical expression while moving toward a more polished, retro rock sound.

Although Green recently moved to Brooklyn, he says his time in Rochester informed the new music. Think of it as a parting gift to the city that was so instrumental in his musical development.

Green’s garage rock roots in the Flower City come to the fore on “Channel 21,” which was released in February and mixed by Sam Snyder. The track, which also features Green’s former Beastman bandmate Aaron Mika (currently of Anamon) on drums, sounds like the soundtrack to a motorcycle road trip. The guitars are in overdrive, blaring with such distortion that at times they resemble out-of-control synths.

Green’s next single, “Silent Star,” released on April 2, is decidedly less unbridled but no less cool. The jangly guitar tone that begins the song recalls vintage rock ‘n’ roll in its ’60s heyday, à la The Velvet Underground. Green’s hushed voice tiptoes between aloof and being seductive, as understated keyboards and fuzzed-out guitars create a distinct lounge rock vibe.

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