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ROCK | Thanya Iyer


Thanya Iyer, a Montreal musician, began assembling her eclectic team of sonic visionaries in 2012. Using pretty much every instrument except guitar, Thanya Iyer and her band has performed in various regional music festivals in Canada, such as POP Montreal, MURAL Festival, and Shigawake Music Festival, and released its debut album, "Do You Dream?," in September 2016.  The album is an electronic-folk, symphonic adventure that raises many existential questions, beginning with the album title itself. And talk about unique instrumentation, this album experiments with every timbre from the toy piano and the banjolin (combining a banjo body with the neck and tuning of a mandolin or violin) to dried clementine peels.  Thanya Iyer renders a live sonic experience that is enchantingly unusual.

Thanya Iyer performs with Candy Isle, Indoor Time, and Cu-Cu on Wednesday, February 21, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue.  9 p.m. $7-$9.;

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