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FOLK | Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds


While Brooklyn's Sister Sparrow has an outstanding voice, it's an undoubtedly perplexing one as well. Landing somewhere between Dusty Springfield put through a taffy puller and Duffy inhaling helium at a party, Sister Sparrow sings with a joy and infectious exuberance that's hard not to love. When fronting her marvelously bluesy band, The Dirty Birds, that same exuberance becomes impossible to contain. The track "Sugar" swells and bursts with an absolutely soaring chorus that feels like the aural equivalent of spring fever, and "Mama Knows" rumbles along before rising to meet you with the eternal refrain of "If you ain't got love then you ain't got nothing." Some things are just timeless.

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds will play with Rain and Leaves and Violet Mary on Wednesday, October 26, at the Montage Music Hall, 50 Chestnut Street. 8 p.m. $15-$18.;