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FOLK ROCK | Father John Misty


Father John Misty came across my radar in early 2012 when the video for the single "Nancy From Now On" was released. In it, Josh Tillman (the former drummer for Fleet Foxes and man behind FJM) sweetly sings "Oh, pour me another drink / And punch me in the face" over a grooving track that could have popped out of early 1970's pop. The video itself shows a brutal session between Tillman and a dominatrix. The whole package is dark, but oddly sweet — a contrast that's immediately intriguing and made me instantly buy the album, "Fear Fun." You could call FJM a folk project at its core — there's narrative, first-person perspective, and a great wit — but really it's a lot of things all at once: lush and bare; cynical and loving; tender and fantastically twisted; funny and heartbreaking. Tillman released his second FJM album, "I Love You, Honeybear," in February and it's one of my favorite albums of 2015.

Father John Misty will perform on Friday, September 25, at Anthology, 336 East Avenue. 7 p.m. $25-$29.;