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FOLK PUNK | Luke Cornwell Trio


The Luke Cornwell Trio formed in January when longtime friends and bandmates Luke Cornwell and Noah Boss decided to round out their sound by adding bassist Corinne Cummings. Based out of Rochester, the trio combines a punk sound with freak folk lyrics, creating a flurry of light-hearted distortion. While Cornwell can be found walloping on his acoustic guitar and howling into the microphone, Boss is often seen playing a medley of percussive instruments as Cummings shreds through fast-moving bass lines. The trio will perform alongside The Plague, Kaiser Solzie, Likewize, and other local bands on the second day of United Artistry Live, an American Villain event. The Luke Cornwell Trio grabs the attention of everyone in the room by creating an upbeat, energetic musical adventure full of heartfelt emotion and existential absurdity.

The Luke Cornwell Trio performs Sunday, March 25, at Anthology, 336 East Avenue. 12 p.m. $10.;

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