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FOLK | Magpie


Multi-instrumentalists Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner have been performing together as Magpie for more than 40 years, a testament to the staying power of their 1960's-era folk revival sound. Grounded in Artzner's dependable acoustic guitar work, the music really takes wing with the duo's impassioned vocal harmonies — Artzner's voice in particular has a buoyancy and warmth reminiscent of James Taylor. Armed with its new album "When We Stand Together: Songs of Joe Hill, the IWW, and Fellow Workers," Magpie boasts an engaging live show highlighting timeless music that's rooted in love, unity, and social justice. Part of the Rochester Folkus music series.

Magpie will perform on Wednesday, November 29, at Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, 20 Windsor Street. 7 p.m. $10. 325-4370;;