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FOLK | Christine Lavin


When Christine Lavin played at CBGB many years ago, she asked the stage manager if it was safe to leave her purse in the dressing room while she was onstage. The stage manager caught his breath and after laughing his head off replied, "The only safe place for your purse during your set is right beside you onstage, with your foot firmly locked down on the strap," Lavin said in an interview with City. It was her only gig at the iconic venue and she never moved her foot off the purse strap. The third annual PorchFest is certainly a nicer place for Lavin to perform, along with more than a dozen musical acts ranging from Cajun to honky-tonk. Eight porches and a park will serve as stages along Mulberry Street on the block between South Goodman and Rockingham. Porch Fest began several years ago in Ithaca as a way to celebrate community through music, and has spread to numerous locations across the country. A parade with Lavin leading the festivities kicks it off.

Christine Lavin will perform during PorchFest on Sunday, September 11. The festival is at various locations along Mulberry Street. 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free.