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FOLK | Archimedes


The essence of folk music is stories and melodies. It's a gift from the performers to the audience and back again. Acoustic folk group Archimedes is lush with melodies and sings about everyday things, if your world is poetry. The band nails it down with male-female vocal harmonies and sympathetic notes on guitar that resonate in your head. Archimedes sound like disciples of the Sufjan Stevens school of folk-revival. The trio's songwriting and vocal arrangements remind me of my favorite Michigander. Check out Archimedes on its Bandcamp site and you will hear why this group is a cut above most. With John Valenti, Bogs Visionary Orchestra, The Sleep Soundlies.

Archimedes performs Sunday, April 21, 9 p.m. at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Ave. $5-$7.