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FOLK | Band of Lovers

What the world needs now is love, or maybe just more bands like Band of Lovers. Guitarist Dave Strumfeld and ukulele player Sabina Beachdell met at SUNY Purchase but formed their acoustic group in California. They have since spent nearly a year on the road performing songs that might inspire you to cuddle up with your sweetie. Band of Lovers pulls you in with its pleasant vocal harmonies and fills the space with more music than the instruments allow. The pair's show at Tango Cafe is both a hometown tour stop for Rochester-native Beachdell and a tune-up gig for Band of Lovers before it records its Kickstarter-financed debut album, "The Coast," in Upstate New York this summer.

Band of Lovers performs on Sunday, May 25,. at Tango Cafe, 389 Gregory Street. 7:30 p.m. Free. Tips accepted.;