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Fiz 8.17.05

Sidewalk ladies


The people who walk past Show World on Monroe Avenue generally fall into two categories. In the first group are those who stroll along at a leisurely pace, often pausing to check out the underthings in the window and the posters in the display cases. The second set consists of individuals who zip by the face of the theater and study the sidewalk as if they're preparing for their midterm in Concrete 101.

            Alas, the latter bunch has probably never laid eyes upon Dasha and Sky.

            Dasha and Sky are the bombshells whose images flank the mirrored doors to Show World. Sunbaked and crackled --- probably like the real Dasha and Sky at this point --- the posters aren't advertising any specific films, merely the ladies themselves (they're Vivid girls, which is usually enough to recommend someone).

            Dasha's poster finds her in recumbent mode, probably relaxing after a very hard day at work, while Sky enjoys a milkshake in hers, utilizing her straw in a manner that would make Freud proud. And both posters have a futuristic feel, following the theme of Vivid's tagline: "Home of the 21st Century Fox."

            So now you know what you've been missing, Students of the Sidewalk. The next time you're returning your movies to Blockbuster or heading home with a bellyful of Mark's chicken souvlaki, take a moment and pay your respects to the faded sirens who have been drafted to lure you into Show World.

            I'm not sure why it matters to me, but perhaps I feel a sort of kinship with Dasha and Sky. We're all ambitious girls, trying to get noticed, except I went with what was on my birth certificate instead of a selection from Stripper Names for Dummies.