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FILM | "Twenties"


For most Millennials, your 20's are a time of being broke, being listless, and just not really having your sh*t together. It's easy to relate to the main actors of "Twenties," an independent comedy, filmed entirely in Rochester, about two friends who are putting off adulthood — despite staring into empty wallets. So when a bag filled with counterfeit cash falls into their laps, it poses an interesting question: What would you do? "Twenties" was named Kickass Original Feature 2013 at the LA Comedy Festival, and is now making its Rochester premiere.

"Twenties" screens Tuesday, December 2, at The Little Theatre, 240 East Avenue. 6:30 p.m. A Q&A with writers and actors Hobert Thompson and James Battaglia, and director Mike Scipioni will follow after the show.