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Film review: "The Uprising"


In his first feature-length film, British journalist and filmmaker Peter Snowdon assembles nearly 100 YouTube videos uploaded by protesters during the Arab Spring, using the footage to fashion a loose narrative that creates a fictionalized account of a single revolution that spreads across the entire Middle East. Taking images from separate uprisings that occurred in 2010-2012 in countries from Tunisia and Egypt to Syria and Libya, Snowdon remixes the amateur videos into a portrait of political action in our modern era. There's a cumulative power in watching these disparate audiovisual fragments amass into a unified whole. Recurring images of a tornado gathering strength serves as an apt metaphor for the growing unrest, as "The Uprising" acts as indelible tribute to the real-life protesters who risked their lives, as well as an examination of the power of social media as a crucial and influential tool in the global fight for freedom.