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Film Review: "Sex Tape"


In the high-concept farce, “Sex Tape,” Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel star as a long-married couple who, in an attempt to reignite the marital fires, record an epic, marathon-length session of lovemaking, only to find out the next morning that their amorous adventures have been accidentally uploaded to “the cloud” and synced to several iPads they've gifted to various friends and family.

Their bumbling efforts to get the video back makes up the major conflict of the film, and while it’s not a terrible premise as far as these things go, the execution is only sporadically funny. The film attempts to explore similar thematic terrain as “Neighbors” (Nicholas Stoller, the director of that film, serves as one of three screenwriters here), but that was a much sharper comedy about a couple’s attempt to keep maturity from atrophying into boring adulthood. With limp direction from Jake Kasdan and a shockingly noncommittal performance from Segel, “Sex Tape” functions most successfully as a feature-length commercial for Apple products.