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FILM | "Just Gender" Documentary



In an effort to put pins in complicated reality, humans have learned to categorize everything, and we tend to understand things through opposites. But cultural constructs, such as gender, create false dichotomies which are ultimately exclusory. Complication resists our reins when people's physical realities don't match their inner experiences or inclinations.

In light of the recent public debates about the City of Rochester adding transgender health benefits for employees and their families in the city medical plan, the Gay Alliance and Trans* Alliance of Greater Rochester invite the community to attend a screening of the documentary film "Just Gender." This film seeks to put a human face on the spectrum of individuals within the transgender community, and to challenge viewers to question their notions of what it means to be male or female.

The film, which is narrated by Tony and Emmy award-winner Bebe Neuwirth, describes the broad range of gender expression within the transgender continuum, and the struggles and challenges experienced by transgender individuals. The screening will take place on Thursday, June 5, at The Little Theatre (240 East Ave.) at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 or $5 for students/low income. For more information, visit

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