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FILM | "Heavy Metal"


As part of its Mondo Movie Series, The Little Theatre will host a screening of the 1981 animated fantasy hit "Heavy Metal." Based loosely on the American magazine of the same name, "Heavy Metal" is the classic tale of Good versus Evil in a series of shorts spanning several times and worlds, each connected to one another by the presence of the Loc-Nar, a glowing green orb that is the physical embodiment of all evil in the universe. Featuring animation that was groundbreaking for its time and a soundtrack jam-packed with classic rock and metal music, "Heavy Metal" delivers a unique viewing experience that's well worth the ticket price.

"Heavy Metal" will screen at The Little (240 East Avenue) on Friday, January 9, at 10 p.m. Tickets are $5, available online or at the box office. Visit for more information.