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FESTIVAL | Sterling Renaissance Festival


The time for over-sized roasted turkey legs, wench auctions, and liberal use of the word "ye" is here again. Aside from questionable English accents, and suits of armor, the Renaissance Festival offers a massive range of live entertainment: live jousting from Warhorse productions, the Vaudeville-styled Clan Tynker Circus, acrobatic trio Draiku, and many more. Alongside the acts, the festival boasts a sprawling medieval marketplace, featuring handmade weaponry, jewelry, games, toys, and woodwork.

The festival kicks off on Saturday, July 4, and runs every Saturday and Sunday through August 16. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Tickets range from $15.95 for a single day child admission, to $195.95 for an adult season pass, with single day adult passes running $26.95. For more information, visit