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No combination is too bizarre for Doug Elkins, the award winning dance choreographer who wrote "Mo(or)Town/Redux." The contemporary piece, to be performed at this year's inspireDANCE festival, tells José Limón's "The Moor's Pavane" (based on Shakespeare's "Othello") through the bass and backbeat of Motown. Elkins is joined by other renowned guest dancers and choreographers for a performance and workshop festival put on by the University of Rochester that spans numerous categories of dance: contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, and house, to name a few. The festival will feature different stages of development within the dance community as guest artists and university faculty teach introductory, advanced, and master classes.

inspireDance runs Thursday, February 5, through Tuesday, February 10, at the University of Rochester River Campus. "Mo(or)Town/Redux" will be performed on Sunday, February 8; tickets are $5-$15. All-inclusive tickets range $18-$25. For the full schedule, visit