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Oversight for the RPD

The legislation drafted by the city in response to the community push for a Police Accountability Board with teeth is entirely inadequate. It leaves discipline in the hands of the police, is severely underfunded (despite the anticipated drop in city expenses for lawsuits), and takes power out of the hands of community members and places it with political appointees.

This watered-down legislation cannot be allowed to pass. Everyone concerned should be contacting City Council now.


The Democrats v. Donald Trump

On Urban Journal's "Donald Trump, Congress, and the Constitution": I agree that our Tweeter-in-Chief will remain in office until 2021. But what happens then?

In 2020 Trump will be running for re-election as the incumbent. And who will he be running against? At the moment, the Democrats have no clear frontrunner. Although Bernie will doubtless make another run, he's no more a viable candidate now than he was in 2016, his naive followers notwithstanding.

Biden is the most qualified potential candidate, but he's even older than Trump, far too old for the stress of being president. And the Dems have no one else except a collection of second stringers and third raters. So right now, the odds seem to be that we're stuck with Trump until 2025.

As to taking back the House this year (the Senate is out of the question), at best that's a 50-50 proposition, given how Democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot with talk of "democratic socialism," "abolish ICE," and "impeachment," views that may thrill part of the party, but do far more to energize the Trumpster opposition. And this is all before Trump (with Vlad) launches the inevitable "October surprise."


Oh, but there is something the Democrats can do: win elections with a great plan. Winning on a platform of "Trump is bad" will be a short-lived and hollow victory. So far, I don't see a great, cohesive Democratic plan that can effectively challenge Trump and the Republicans.


Taking a knee

The controversy over kneeling during the national anthem is still with us, and given recent events I have changed my opinion on the practice. When the commander-in-chief raises the American flag from half-staff to dishonor an American hero, I, as a six-year veteran of the armed forces, must now "take a knee" during the playing of the national anthem.

I like Commander-in-Chiefs who didn't have bone spurs.